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Assessment of the concerns which bring you to consider counselling and psychological services

  • History of your concerns – underlying issues, causes, mechanisms

  • Why these matters have brought you to counselling now – how your life is affected

  • The people affected

  • How you feel

  • Where you think your behaviour and life are heading and where you’d prefer these to go

  • What you want to achieve for yourself and others as outcomes of engaging in counselling and using psychological strategies


Counselling and psychological strategies for optimal living by managing

  • Difficult emotions – anger / frustration, sadness / grief, painful feelings, loneliness, emptiness, feeling overwhelmed, bitterness

  • Abusive / violent behaviour – either using it or on the receiving end (sexual, physical, psychological, financial abuse or violence)

  • Interpersonal difficulties – attachment style

  • Depression (major depressive episode, bipolar disorder, etc)

  • Anxiety (panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder etc)

  • Stress

  • Trauma (sexual assault, violence, accidents)

  • Relationship issues and problematic behaviour – couples, families, friends

  • Workplace difficulties

  • Substance use / addiction problems

  • Sexual dysfunction  

  • Forensic issues – criminal behaviour

Coaching - Business and Lifestyle Coaching

  • Most coaching programs, be they life or business oriented, rely on rational thinking processes and use direct conscious ways to facilitate improvements in a person’s life or a business .... read more ... click here

Psychometric testing


  • Psychological disorders


  • Forensic matters – pre trial / sentencing assessments & reports; Correctional supervision assessments & treatment

  • Court reports for – forensic matters, family disputes, compensation claims, doctors’ referrals, other third party referrals


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Practice Locations:

Currumbin Waters, Queensland 4223

Available for counselling / psychological services and supervision training on the Gold Coast

Phone: 0432 764 108

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