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Eli Sky - Psychologist - Counsellor

Member Australian Psychological Society

Psychologist - Counsellor

Eli Sky

BA, BD, Dp Soc Sc, Hons (Psych), M Ed
Member Australian Psychological Society
Member College of Forensic Psychologists
Registered in Queensland


You’re probably viewing this because you’d like some help with what’s happening in your life, maybe with how you are feeling and what you find yourself doing, wishing things could be different. No matter what is happening for you, how you’re feeling or what you’re doing, things can change for the better.

Life can be good, beautiful, meaningful, filled with love, joy and peace, despite the challenges it sends and sometimes because of its difficulties. We can grow from the lessons we learn from life’s challenges. No one escapes life’s challenges. For while we are alive, involved in relationships, feeling emotions and engaged with living our lives as fully as we can, there will always be some struggles. But life doesn’t have to be difficult all the time. You don’t have to feel low, angry, sad, devastated, scared, out of control or overwhelmed most of the time. There is help available.

Services provided:

Assessment of your concerns

Counselling and psychological strategies


Psychological management strategies, counselling, support for change, enhancing motivation for new directions, psychometric testing, forensic & allied health reports.  - read more here

FAQ's - What do psychologists do... and more - read here

Psychologist and Counsellor

Eli Sky assists people to create happy, fulfilled & successful lives. She can help you to regain your self esteem and confidence, to rediscover or recreate your life direction, set goals for a better future, manage addictive or aggressive behaviour, manage stress and difficult emotions, find your purpose and live your life accordingly.

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Practice Info

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Practice Locations:

Currumbin Waters, Queensland 4223

Available for counselling / psychological services and supervision training on the Gold Coast

Phone: 0432 764 108

APS Psychologist


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